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What is Medical Insurance?

Medical Insurance is a type of coverage that can protect you from the full expense of regular health care, as well as the costs of medical and surgical procedures. In exchange for paying a premium, your insurance company will cover the costs of certain types of medical procedures.

What is the coverage?


Our Medical Plans have been reinvented to match the needs of people in the modern era, offering a range of prevention benefits as well as treatment bills.

Our Platinum & Exclusive plans provide several well-being benefits, from complimentary medicines to check-ups, examinations, vaccines, eye and dental care.


CB PLATINUM is designed fulfill the customer’s satisfaction with the extra coverage and the annual limit as you will be fully protected by our utmost benefits up to USD 600,000.00
for Inpatient Treatment and  USD  2,500.00 for Outpatient Treatment with our exclusive and extensive networks of quality healthcare providers both locally and internationally.

For significant additional covers, you will be served with other benefits such as emergency accident, vaccination, medical examination , maternity
and childbirth benefits.


CB EXCLUSIVE provides complete coverage which serves to your treatment of both Inpatient Treatment with utmost benefits up to USD 850,000.00 and Outpatient Treatment up to USD
5,000.00. Our exclusive and extensive network of quality healthcare providers are in your service line compatible with your wherever your treatment is being executed.

For the ultimate additional benefits, our CB EXCLUSIVE plan provides all cases of emergency accident, vaccinations, medical examination, maternity and childbirth benefits.


Our medical plans are designed to suit a range of budgets and lifestyles, it means that you do not need to pay for a cover that is not necessary.

Our Happy & Smile plans offer benefits such as inpatient treatment, hospital services, surgical services, assistance & non-medical service, outpatient and emergency accident.


Standard cover for Inpatient.


Cover for inpatient and outpatient.


Standard cover for inpatient and outpatient with a range of additional benefits.

Why our Medical Plan?

When illness enters the picture, it is the loss of the independent that can affect us most. Financial burden with the medical bills can be a big problem. With our Medical plan, you stay in control.

Your are worry free to receive treatment at any hospital, clinic or medical facility with your pant’s area of cover. With the freedom to choose the hospital you want to use, we also offer a range of cashless panel hospital/clinic/medical facility with quality doctors and healthcare professionals.

By letting our medical claims team handle the bills directly with hospital, we guarantee you are worry free from documents and only focus on your treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be covered for my pre-existing condition?

Those who are aware of pre-existing conditions may apply, but pre-existing conditions may be excluded from the coverage.

Whom shall I call at the time of an emergency admission?

At the time of an emergency situation you should go straight to the hospital first and notify the claims officer later.

What are the documents required for claiming?

The documents required for claiming are claim form, insurance card, all original medical documents, bills, and other documents if required from insurer.

Who can apply?

Corporate and individuals between 18 to 65 years old. All applicants must fill out a medical questionnaire.

How long is the policy valid for?

The policy is valid for 1 year.

If I avail cashless facility, will you pay the entire amount or will I be required to bear part of the bill at the hospital?

Yes, we will pay the entire admissible amount for the medical expenses incurred based on the
benefits you have. You might have to pay for the non-medical and expenses not covered to the hospital prior to your discharge from hospital.

What is waiting period?

A waiting period is the length of time the insured have to wait before being eligible for health policy benefits.

Can I choose where to receive treatment?

Yes, you are free to choose any medical providers.

When does my coverage start?

Your coverage will start on the policy commencement date or the date of your first enrollment into the policy, whichever is later.

Can I add more people to the policy?

Yes, you may add dependent:

  • Legal spouse whose age does not exceed 60 years old
  • Legal children or spouse whose age is from 30 days but not older than 23 years old.
    Unmarried or currently in full-time education.

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