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What is covered?


Covers any accidents that result in death, total permanent disablement or bodily injury.

The Company will also be liable for medical expense and indemnify upon the Schedule of Benefits stated in the Policy Schedule.


It is covered automatically in addition to the basic cover

  1. Disappearance
  2. Triple Medical Expenses-Robbery Case
  3. Motorcycling
  4. Strike, Riot & Civil Commotions
  5. Medical Expenses-Dengue Fever
  6. Case Medical Expenses-Food Poisoning etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a medical expense benefit?

This depends on what Personal Accident insurance you choose to purchase, but most of our personal accident insurance plans cover for medical expenses as this is one of the main covers for this type of insurance.

How to claim the policy?

In order to claim the policy, you have to fill up the claim form and contact your insurance agent from whom you have bought the policy. You have to supplement all the required documents like original payment receipt to your insurance company.  If everything is ok, you will be paid within 14 days of the policy claimed.

Can I visit a hospital of my choosing?

Yes, you are free to choose any medical provider you are comfortable with. However, we have a network list, if you go to a hospital or clinic that is not on the list you would have to pay first and get reimbursed.

How long does Personal Accident Insurance last?

Personal Accident is annual cover. It must be renewed each year to remain valid.

Can I buy Personal Accident for my staff members?

The company will pay premium on behalf of its staff members. In the event of an accident, we pay the employer the benefits for onward transmission to the employee or their appointed beneficiaries.

If I die who will get the money?

Your beneficiary will be the one to claim for the money. She/he will have to claim the amount to us and she/he will be given the amount specified in your policy.

Is there a waiting period?

No, unlike health insurance, there is no waiting period in Personal Accident Insurance.

What is the Condition of residence?

Clients applying for personal accident insurance must be residents of Cambodia.

If I apply now, when will I get my documents?

Application process is 1 day and once you sign the Quotation and Policy, your documents will be sent to your specified address within 3 business days or via electronic means to your email.